The "Kart"

My friend Laurent Tettoni and myself were 15 years old when we started this project. Everybody told us the same thing: ``you aren't gonna make it !'' Well, we did, it was a little more complicated than our ``blue prints'' led us to think, but we built it, dammit. The donor car was a Austin Mini 850, which led to some challenging problems since it is a FWD with front engine and we wanted a RWD with rear engine...

Then, we tried to rebuilt everything that was falling off or breaking, but after two years we couldn't quite keep up with the rate of the problems. In addition, we both got our driver license, so then we were allowed to drive on the road with ``normal'' cars, so the fun of the forbidden excursions was gone and the kart died (seats eaten by cows, a tree grew through the chassis, etc)...

Here are some pictures of the build and one picture of the remains. Click on the thumbnails to see the full image.

Comments about these pictures will appear as soon as I have time to enter them !


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