Aircrafts I like to take for a spin (ho-hum)

The Pitts

The Pitts S-2A is a pure jewel.  It is certified up to +6G / -5G (the minus part is the tastiest, you get to remember the feel several days later...) and has a roll rate of around 240 degrees per second. This fantastic toy allows six different types of spin. My favorite is upside-down accelerated.


Don't miss this link about Pitts...

The CAP-10

Here are some picture of the CAP-10, the airplane on which I learned the basics of aerobatics in a course sponsorized by the Swiss government (a program to recruit future military pilots; I was fired from the program for a ``slightly imperfect sight''; After I tasted some months of the mandatory military period, I found that I was lucky to have avoided more of it...) Anyway, this is a perfectly civil airplane, and it lends itself to great games in the air (from memory, about +6G/-4G and all kinds of figures). I took a lot of passengers in that one.


Pictures from inside...


The Piper Cub

This was the airplane where I passed my license, a Piper Cub J3C (after I flew on AS202-Bravo, Cessna, Robin, Archer, Rallye, etc.) It can fly very slowly (so slowly that actually, at the little airfield where this picture was taken, on a day of very strong wind, we managed once to take off at the end of the runway, then we flew backwards (blown by the wind) and landed on the threshold (the start of the runway). This Piper Cub is a great tool for photographic tours.


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